Saturday, July 23, 2011

The first attempt-Wedding Monogram

This is my first attempt to create a wedding monogram for a  co-w@wie member. Sis Roan is also an INC bride-to-be next year January. I volunteered to help her with her monogram since I really wanted to enhance my designing skills again ( hopefully I can become a professional graphic designer someday). We have the same wedding color motif- Plum/Purple and Teal. But she wanted a Damask design with black and white accent, while mine is a Vintage Paris monogram theme with silver and carnation pink accent.

Here's her monogram, I hope she'll like it :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bridal Hair Do inspirations

Whenever I research about weddings, I always notice one thing, the bride is always stunning. Whether it's just a simple civil wedding ceremony or an extravagant one, the bride has this happy aura that makes a wedding really special. I have faith that our HMUA will deliver very well on our wedding day, but I wonder how he’ll be a fairy god mother to me :) So today, I decided to do a research about bridal hair-dos.

My hair has very fine strands so it looks limp. I wanted to have a volumize up-do look on my wedding day and I got these fine pegs below as inspirations :)

Nicole Hernandez
 Remember Carla Grasa?the pond's girl model? she's Nicole Hernandez in real life and these are her wedding  portrait pictures, she's such a site!:) 

Priscilla Meirelles
 Who doesn't know John Estrada's new apple of the eye? she's no other than Priscilla Meirelles.I love her hair-do, it's like a greasy-volume-up-wavy up-do, hehe whatever you call it,I really like it :) 

Anielle Santos
She's the coffeemate "ehem" girl that everybody loved. Like Nicole and Priscilla I'm also in awe when I saw her pics.

I wish I could look stunning like them too on my wedding day ^_^

Source: Metro Photo and Pat Dy 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

w@wie INC b2bs meetup :)

As much as I wanted to book all of our suppliers this year ( so we can get lower deals), I stopped looking  for a while. I also wanted James to be here to book the other suppliers, so that we could experience the joy of couples booking their suppliers together. Well, I just have to wait for 5 months and he'll be here again ^_^

 Now lets go to the real topic of this post. This is a very late post, but like they say it's better late than never. I had a great time meeting my co-w@wie INC b2bs at the Celebrations bridal fair held last May 21-22, 2011 at the SMX Convention Centre. Before meeting the others, I met sis Karmi first at Trinoma, Mr. Donut. It was my first time meeting her and she's really nice. We got our wedding coordinator because of her and I'm very thankful for that. After some sharing about wedding preps and eating tuna turnover with ice cold coffee, we headed straight to MRT station to go to the bridal fair.

When we got in the bridal fair,we first met sis Ayeth. Sis Ayeth will be the head wedding coordinator on our wedding day. Even though we only got their OTD wedding coordination services, she still assists us in our supplier concerns. She's also willing to accompany us to meet other suppliers if she's available. When we're already inside the bridal fair premises, we went first to the Wink invitation booth. Karmi paid a reservation fee to them, they'll be her wedding invitation supplier. As for me, I wanted to create our own wedding invitation that's why I'm designing the layout this early. We roamed around the fair, looking for prospect bridal cars and cakes, until we passed by a Hair And Make Up booth offering free trial.

Minutes later, Sis Roan arrived. She's also an INC bride to be and she also got the Allianz sisters services. It's a nice feeling that I came to know several co-w@wie INC bride to be's. Sis Jas is still in SG, but we'll meet her soon when she visits here. Below our some of our pics in the bridal fair.

This is my trial makeup with Angelo Falconi team. The sissies forced me to do this hahaha

After! may pinagbago ba? hehe

With sis karmi (left) and sis Ayeth (right) at the bridal fair

With Sis karmi @ Chef D Angelo

With Sis Roan and Ayeth @ Chef D Angelo

Our group pic @ baicapture

Till next meeting girlies! I really had FUN ^_^

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A whomtoinvite flowchart :)

While browsing in my old wedding research archives, I found this image in one of my folders. I forgot where I downloaded this but whoever owns this flowchart image, it'll be a big help to all couples who are having a hard time choosing their guests for their wedding. :)

Happy to help!:)