Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Dream Couturier

I already booked my wedding gown couturier and I'm well satisfied with his sketch. I'll just come back next year for some minor revisions to my wedding gown top design. But of course, like everyone else, I also have a dream designer that I can't afford hehe.

While browsing for my gown inspirations, I've ended up getting images from Vera Wang, Pronovias, and Alvina Valenta. I kinda mixed their designs so that I could come up with my dream wedding gown. I love those designers but just recently, I've discovered this great local wedding gown couturier named CARY SANTIAGO from Cebu city. Yes, he's not a foreigner, he's a FILIPINO! people like him makes me very proud of my nationality. I super looovveeee how he incorporate laser cutting and intricate pleating to his  gown creations. I saw laser cut wedding invitations before, but I didn't know that it can also be applied to fabrics :D

I really love his AVIAN wedding gown collection the he showcased in Shanghai, China for the China Fashion Awards 2010, wherein he won to the international designer of the year award . That day, the models looked like sexy swans walking the runway while wearing Cary's works of art. He also created a Barbie wedding gown collection that was auctioned for the benefit of Ballet Philippines. I'll post some of my favorites from his collection, and for sure your jaws will drop while looking at fabulous gowns!

Below are some of my faves from his AVIAN gown collection:

This is my most favorite gown, from this collection


Next is his Barbie wedding gown collection for the benefit of Ballet Philippines:

Aren't they jaw dropping? Someday, If I can afford to get Cary on my 25th wedding anniversary, for my future daughter or grand daughter's wedding, I'll definitely get his services :)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

One lucky girl :) of the most much awaited dates, because it could only happen once in a millennium. A lot of couples got married on this date,  but  for others it's a different story, as for me it is one of the luckiest days of my life.

If you've been following my blogs lately, you would know that I've been having problems with my Photo/Video supplier. Changing wedding suppliers is a hassle.One, it's really a waste of time, two it's a waste of money, but for me, it doesn't matter as long as my wedding won't be sacrificed.

We booked 2 P/Vs before but we decided to let them go. The first one was recommended to me by a friend. My mom and I got their package in a bridal fair, and package inclusions are reasonable for its price. As the days go by, I've been hearing negative feed backs about them. I tried to ignore it but it kept bugging my mind, until one day I woke up and looked at their site and that's when I realized that I don't like their style, I was just blinded by their very appealing package with lots of freebies.

Because of what happened, we decided to change our P/V again. We attended one food tasting in our reception venue and that's when I booked our 2nd P/V. As usual, because James was not yet here, I'm with my mom and sister again. Our 2nd P/V supplier is a reputable one. They've been in the business for several years and also they are a "suki" photographer in our church, that's why I decided to get them. Their shots are not bad, but not too good either, but it's okay with me. I was contented with them until I've read again several negative feed backs about their unorganized administration. I just ignored these feed backs again and continued to research for other suppliers, until one day, that negative feed back happened to me. The owner of our 2nd P/V ( actually it was the owner's wife who emailed me and James) emailed James and told him I  haven't made the last reservation payment for the package. I was kinda pissed off when James texted me about it, because right after I deposited the down payment to their account, I emailed the deposit slip to them immediately, so why are they emailing us about it?! and they only emailed James, they didn't copied me! that incident woke me up, and I said to myself "They really have administration problems."

After that incident, I can't sleep soundly anymore because of worrying. I lost trust with our 2nd P/V and decided to let go again the down payment I made with them. This time, it's a big decision because the DP for this supplier is bigger than our first one, so I just kept my eyes shut hehe. I'm very thankful that James is so understanding and he supported me again to find another one. By the way, we have a backup videographer for our wedding, but because we let go of our 2nd main P/V, we made them our main videographer now. Our main videographer now is TheRockinDuo. They are really good, so I know we're still blessed to have them :)

I told James that this time I will shoulder all the expenses for the 3rd photographer,because I don't want him to carry all the burden because of changing the supplier again. I felt guilty about it, so I volunteered. I've listed and set a meeting to several photographers, I'm still waiting James to get back here so we could meet them, until  a certain event changed the whole scene :)

I'm a member of this certain wedding group and they held a private auction for some of the eligible members. It started Nov. 7 and will end on Nov. 11, 2011. I was eyeing on getting this certain photographer, but I was outbid (she got it near to the original amount,so no big deal, not affected hehe). Thank God my friend Roan told me that there's another photographer that is still available on our wedding date. She told me how good he was, and when I checked his site, whoah! lo and behold he is indeed great and well known :) I tried my luck to bid for his package and hoping to get it in a lower rate.Almost a few seconds left before the clock strikes midnight, I though I lost the bidding until a received a  notification email that I WON! :) :) :)

I got the package 44% percent lower that its original price! (Thank you God!) and I was so happy I won! can't believe it :D

Now, presenting our 3rd wedding photographer, and I assure you, no more 4th! :D

He's also the photographer of the w@w 2011 Top 10 suppliers :)

I'm happy we'll be a PF couple! *wink* ;)