Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 7th of July! :)

I had a wonderful day last Saturday, July 7th. First, I went to Emil's shop (my gown designer) , for my first fitting and second, I went to Trinoma after the fitting to attend the w@wie's EB.

The big news was, I lost weight! yey! Emil is going to make a lot of adjustments on my gown (take note, I still haven't done big efforts on losing weight, maybe this is the output of wedding and work related issues I had recently hehe ) Emil even said, "Huwag ka ng magpapayat at wala ka ng mukha, panget naman ang wala ng mukha mahirap na make-upan." When I heard those words from him, of course I'm flattered! haha, but I'll still control my food intake and exercise as much as I can. Ito lang ang masasabi ko, pumayat na ang mukha at braso ko pero naiiwan padin ang tiyan ko! LOL. How can I wear my dream two-piece bathing suit if I stop exercising and dieting? =))

Below are some of my pics from my first fitting:

My mom behind the curtain and Emil making sure the lining fits me :D

Look! a lot of adjustments here and there! ang luwag! :D yey! more weight to lose!:D

After my fitting, my mom and I went Trinoma to have lunch. After eating, My mom met my sister at SM North and I went to SumoSam to meet the w@wies. I haven't met them personally, I can only see their signatures in the forum, and it's really a different kind of experience meeting them all in person. I can't stop smiling, talking and laughing while with them and my cheekbones hurt even more when Ms. Benz went to our side and made chika with us hehe. Indeed it was a fun EB! looking forward for more EB's to come :D

Below are some of our pics from the EB:

The whole gang :D

Nastarstruck lang kay Ms. Benz :D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Losing Weight

It's exactly 4 months, 4 weeks and 2 days before our wedding day but haven't lost a single weight :( I'm not overweight but  I need to lose all those fats in my tummy area to look sexy on my wedding gown. I promised myself before that I will wear a two piece bikini on our honeymoon, but the cold weather now makes me lazy to exercise.

Last night I found my college graduation ball party dress and tried it on again, thinking it still fits me. Well it still fits me, but now all the flab handles around my waistline are showing off, because of that I was majorly teased by my lil sister :(

Starting July 7 onwards, I will do my best to exert more effort on eating healthy foods and exercising 4-5 times a week.

I will give updates on my weight on August 7, and hopefully I can see results that time.

This is it Magz! If you did it before, you can do it again! AJAHHH! ( means fight in korean ).