Monday, May 30, 2011

Church Stylist/Flower supplier: Booked

I really love flowers and my favorite is tulips­­, purple tulips. The only person who gave me this is my hubby to be, so it’s a sign that we’re really destined for each other (walang kokontra :P). We really wanted to have a colorful church floral arrangement but every time I inquire to flower suppliers, it’s always way out of our budget. Before, I thought of giving up and just settle on a plain church floral arrangement as long as my bouquet would be tulips. But when I’m beginning to lose hope, ka Mario Sicano came.

Ka Mario was referred to us by my mom’s friend, Tita Tess. She had her wedding at Central many years ago and ka Mario was also her florist (Yes he’s quite old, but not too old). At first I was hesitant to meet him, thinking that his work might just be so-so and I’m still thinking on booking the flower supplier I called from Dangwa, but my mom told me to give him a try. 

Our first meeting was around March, my mom and Tita Tess paid him the down payment for the upcoming golden wedding ceremony of their classmate’s parents on May. He brought with him pictures of his sample works and I liked it though some of the pictures were old. I told ka Mario that I’ll check his floral arrangement on the upcoming golden wedding ceremony and he cheerfully agreed.

Today, May 24, 2011 (I’m actually writing this after my ocular visit) I went to the golden wedding ceremony of my mom’s classmate in Central and at that very moment I booked ka Mario. The motif of the wedding was yellow and gold since it’s a 50th wedding ceremony. He accentuated the aisle with white roses and lots of yellow flowers. I immediately fell in love with the tribunal floral arrangement; it’s colorful and very elegant. I told him the design I wanted and he gave me a very good deal. The package also includes the bride’s bouquet (of course tulips!), throw-away bouquet, entourage flowers, 2 mom’s bouquet, loose petals and bridal car bouquet.

I’m so happy that I knew ka Mario, he’s very polite and his rates are very affordable. Like they say, don’t judge a book by its cover ;) I’m very excited for our flowers, I can’t wait ^_^

Sunday, May 29, 2011

OTD Coordinator: Booked

For months now, I’ve been researching for an affordable On the Day wedding coordinator. The first team that I inquired regarding their services was The One Exclusive. I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about them from w@w so I immediately emailed them. I was very happy with how fast they reply but when I opened their email, Thoffy Consulta said they were already BOOKED on December 5 for a wedding in Batangas. They have to be there on December 4 and will stay in a hotel overnight for the wedding preps. I was sad because they were my first choice, so time to move on and find another one.

While reading comments and threads in w@w I came across sis Karmi. She’s also an INC bride to be so we became close instantly even though I haven’t met her personally. One day I told her that I was looking for an OTD wedding coordinator and how sad I was when The One Exclusive was already booked on our wedding day, so she recommended me the Allianz sisters.

She told me that the Allianz sisters were former w@wie brides and they officially formed their group after their weddings. They were the ones who handled each other’s wedding, that’s why they decided to create a business out of it. Another good thing about them is one of them is an INC bride, her name is Sis Ayeth and she just got married last January 14, 2011. 

At first, I just had conversations with Sis Ayeth in YM and we got along. Throughout our conversations, she told me that she’s an INC convert and at first she really doesn’t know the INC wedding procedures. Personally, even though I’m an INC since birth, I don’t know the specific details in our wedding preparations too (of course I haven’t been married yet hehe) so good thing sis Ayeth shared it to me. Upon knowing those details and how sis Ayeth  had been so friendly with me, I decided to meet them up personally.

On April 30, 2011 around 2:00-4:00 pm, I met the whole Allianz team. I rarely get to meet ups on time (my old sickness actually) but this time I was 10 minutes earlier on the call time (that’s new!) our first venue for the meet up was in Mister Donut, Trinoma but there was an event in the Trinoma Activity Center (near Mr. Donut) so the team decided to find a more quiet place. Minutes later, they texted me to go to Contis, Trinoma.

At first, I was shy. I was just observing and listening to their feedbacks and presentation. As we discuss each detail, I felt how warm they are and helpful regarding wedding preps, so I got ease with the group and that’s the time I loosen up. At the end of the presentation, sis Ayeth asked me if I’m going to book them today and I said yes. She said “Kala ko hindi mo pa kami ibo-book eh hehe” then I just laughed. 

Sis Ayeth will be the head coordinator on my wedding day because it’ll be an INC wedding ceremony. She’s really nice, helpful and very cheerful; I got to know her better when she accompanied us (with the other INC bride to be’s-sis Karmi and Roan) in the Celebrations bridal fair last May 21-22 at SMX Convention centre. 

Looking for more bonding moments with you Sis Ayeth and the whole Allianz team; I know you'll take care of us on our wedding day :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How we got our dream wedding church

As members of Iglesia Ni Cristo we really wanted to get married in our main church at INC, Central Temple. It'll be a big blessing and a dream come true if we get married there. It’s not easy to reserve a wedding date in that church, if you are not listed in their locale.My fiancĂ© and I are listed in different locales near our homes so it’s very impossible for us to get one. I told my mom regarding our weary,so she said she will help us. FYI, there are no wedding reservation fees in all INC churches so it’s a big help for us.

We had a meeting with the district officer last March 16 (Wednesday), and it was a successful one.I immediately went to my office and told everything to my fiancé through YM. The next morning Thursday, March 17, my mom went again to our main church to submit our letter to the church executive minister. After a week, our request was granted and the date was officially reserved on us. I think it was just a formality letter, but the reservation was really granted on us the day we had a meeting with the district officer.

Not everyone can be given this one of a kind opportunity. We were very happy that our prayers were answered and the four hours of boredom waiting in the lobby was worth the wait =)