Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breaking the silence, more updates!

After 20 days since my last post, here are our new updates :)

  • Prenup Venue for 1st prenup shoot on June: Checked!- Thank God, we finally made a decision to just stick to one prenup venue. We will be having our prenup shoot at Subic, c/o our ninang Ghe. The venue is free of charge,( yey thanks ninang!) so all we have to do is to save some amount for food, toll gate and gas.
  • Prenup outfits for our theme: Checked!- Yes, we are nearly finished buying and preparing our prenup outfits. James bought more clothes and a couple of shoes than me, because I'm just going to use my old shoes/sandals and I have this dress that I bought last 2008 that I haven't worn yet. We will start creating the props this weekend :)
  • Change of reception hall venue: Checked!- James finally saw our reception venue and tasted our reception food, last May 13 at Grand Terrace's food tasting.I booked the Venus Garden of Grand Terrace last year when James was still working abroad.The venue is good for 150-200 guests, but James didn't like the idea of having a balcony. He told me, guests might ask why they were seated on the balcony ( thinking maybe, they are not that special to the couple). So to prevent that kind of issue, we decided to transfer to a bigger hall, the Grand Pavilion, which can accommodate up to 300 guests. The Grand Pavilion costs a lot more than the Venus Garden, but it is more spacious.Our caterer will be VS&F, and they have good food! James loved it :)
  • My measurement with Emil Ocampo: Checked!- Earlier, I went to Emil's boutique for my wedding gown measurement. I went alone because my mom is sick ( boo yah vertigo!) and James is at work.  July 7 will be my first fitting, and yes, I can now feel that my wedding is getting nearer...I'm excited and nervous at the same time.My gown is a combination of my ideas and Emil's design expertise, I can't wait to see my gown in full bloom!  I need to loose more on my waist line, yayks! (pressure mode on!)
  • Will-You-Be Cards revisions: Pending- I created Will-You-Be Cards ( WYB Cards) for our principal sponsors, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man and maid of honor, but I have to revise all of it because they are blurry when printed. I will start the editing today, later in the afternoon.
  • Ninong and ninang meet up: This Sunday- This coming Sunday, I'm going to meet James' uncle and aunt. They will be one of our principal sponsors, so I'm excited and nervous to meet them in person. We still have 3 ninangs and 1 ninong to fill our list.
That's it for now, thank God plans are being followed/ happening accordingly. Hopefully this will continue until the big day! :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prenup Venue Hunting Part 1

A lot of things happened at my work lately, that's why I had less time to write here. Last week, our office had been gloomy and emotional. A lot of people left us, but they will never be forgotten. Like they say, it is business as usual. I know God has other plans for them, and I know it is for the better.

Well, enough for the sad part, now on to our wedding updates :D First update, we got our rings and we love it! :) I just have some minor comments on the wedding date engraving inside and the two lines holding the diamonds on top of my ring, but all in all it is worth the wait and every penny :) I'll just have a separate review about our wedding ring supplier later on.

Now for our second update, we will be having our first prenup shoot on the first week of June. At first, I thought everything was all set. We will be having our first prenup shoot in Subic, because we have a free venue there c/o our close friend/ ninang. But my father gave me an advice, to just rent a place here in Manila or QC instead of going to Subic, because it'll still be more cheaper to rent in nearby places instead of going to Subic for the shoot ( including the food, gas, toll gates etc). So James and I thought about the whole idea and accepted my father's challenge, To find a nice place in Manila/QC for our prenup shoot. Knowing James he's not really into researching like me, so again the task of finding a new prenup venue is now my burden T_T

If I only know someone who owns an old mansion around Manila, or any place that's free but not a common prenup venue, is fine with me. Hope we could check one this weekend...*sigh*

Hello wedding prep bumps! *sigh*