Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A month of story :)

Lately, I've been very busy with work and a lot of other stuff ( not really about wedding preps). It's been more than a month since the last time I posted a blog, now I'm going to make up for a month of not writing anything :)

It's now August and I got a year older ( I celebrated my 27th birthday last August 4 and it was a blast! though I wish James was here with me, anyhoo it's still fun :D ). As the day goes by, I feel that our wedding is getting nearer and nearer. Yeah, I know it's exagg, it's still 2011, but once the BER months arrived, it'll be so fast that you wouldn't realize it's new year again- 2012!

So to sum a month of story about wedding preps, here's what I'm going to share:

  • Wedding invites layout- I already started this one but I'm still having problems regarding dimensions. I'm not really good with measurements, so I don't know if the gate fold invitation I'm doing will have a perfect front closure ( please, please, I need a miracle -_-) Hopefully I could do all the layouts for our DIY stationery before the year ends, so that next year will be just for production and editing.
  • Paid 50% down payment to our caterer- Last Sunday, August 21, 2011, we had another food tasting with our caterer ( I brought my family with me) and paid the promised 50% down payment to them. This was the first time I issued a cheque with huge amount, my hand was really shaking while writing down the details to the cheque (hoping without errors). The hardest part of preparing a wedding is to budget. After paying that amount to our caterer, I promise to research more about affordable suppliers so that we could fit our budget. I just wish we don't exceed! -_-
  • Paid reservation fee for my bridal shoes- I already paid a 1k reservation fee for my customized bridal shoes today. I know it's too early, but I found this pretty lady shoe maker from Marikina to do my dream wedding shoes at a very affordable price.Thanks to Sis Jas for introducing me to her,at least I have to cross one again from my list :D
  • Our wedding reception theme- A touch of Paris- I love Paris, ever since I dream of going there someday. Now that I'm getting married, I want to add a touch of Paris to our wedding reception :D It'll not be that extravagant, but of course you'll see some Parisian touch to it ;) Hopefully, someday, we could afford to visit that country ( well libre lang ang mangarap! ;)
  • Changing our color motif (final one!)- Yes, after months of thinking what our color motif will be, we finally decided to have Dark purple and Silver with Gold accent.  If you have read my previous blogs, this is not our original color motif. I did most of the color decision part that time, but this time, James shared his thoughts and I liked it~ thanks hannie!)
Our Parisian inspired Royal color motif, Dark Purple and Silver with Gold accent :)

 Aside from wedding preps, I had another w@wie INC meetup again this month, now Sis Jas and Ryan were here (w@wie INC couple from SG). That will be the topic of my next post, that is If I finally downloaded the pics from their FB accounts hehe :)

 I think that's it for now. Come November and my hubby to be will be here. We're going to scorge for affordable but good suppliers so watch out for it. For the meantime, I'll just research for the things I want, nice to have or share about wedding stuff in the coming days.

To all bride to be's out there, happy preps! ^_^

Images from and Cecistyle New York