Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Quest For Bridal Earrings

I already have a set of earrings to wear on our big day, but unfortunately, for some undesirable circumstances, it was taken back from me. Now, I'm on my quest to find the perfect set of bridal earrings, and I started to fall in love with tear drop/ pear drop ones.

Below are some of my faves, they may not be made of real white/yellow gold or diamonds, but when a blushing bride wears it and walks down the aisle, it'll definitely look like millions!

Cubic Zirconia Connectors with Large Cubic Zirconia
Crystal Tear Drops
Photo from Etsy

I like the connecting CZ design of it. The tear drop CZs are not that big, just enough to accentuate the bride's ears. Not bad for 35USD :)

A  Pear drop Cubic Zirconia White Gold plated
Post earrings
Photo from Etsy

This pair has a vintage feel. The top design looks like a symbol from the medieval ages. 
Also, not bad for 48USD :)

Nina Bridal Eiffel Antique Silver Crystal
Statement Drop Earrings
Photo from: Amazon

This is so far my most favorite! If you will take a look closely, the bottom design is a group of pear shaped mini earrings that makes it unique. It's price is a little bit expensive compare to the other pairs I posted above, but I think for 95USD it is really worth it.

If I can't find a similar pair here in the Philippines from the ones I mentioned above, I think It's time to buy online :D