Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wish (Part 1)

It's now October, and I'm starting my countdown for James' arrival. In 31 days he'll be here again (Yey!) and thank God he'll be working here in the Philippines for a year to be with me and help me with our wedding preparations.

 I've been researching and preparing for our wedding since February this year. I'm confident and happy with all of my chosen suppliers, except for one,I'm still having some doubts with our main photographer and videographer.They are actually our second P/V,we decided to change our first P/V because of the ultimate negative feedback I read about them in a wedding forum ( I let go of the non-refundable downpayment (DP) I had with them). I thought after changing our P/V I'm going to be okay, until I've read this another long negative feedback with our 2nd P/V (in this wedding forum again), that made my high spirits sink (again). This time, I can't just let go of the DP because it is big compared to the DP I made on our first P/V. So, even though I really wanted to jump into another supplier, I can't just do it anymore -_-

I'm really an art and photography enthusiast, I wanted to have my own DSLR and someday create my own photo and video business. Ever since I started researching about weddings, I really became an addict looking for wedding pictures,e-sessions (engagement sessions) and SDE videos ( Same Day Edit). Unfortunately, those high-end photo and video suppliers are waaaayyyy over our alloted budget. -_-

If given the opportunity to change our photographer (which will happen only in my dreams) and have the best one out there, below are my top favorites:

I thought this photographer was a girl! but no, he's a guy hehe. I though Pat is short for Patricia, but then I'm wrong hehe. I fell in love with his wedding shots for the couple Anielle & Rapha. This is my favorite set among his works. How am I going to describe his shots? I can't describe it, because I just simply LOVE it!
Below is my Pat Dy's favorite couple shot:

What I like about this photographer is his classy and dreamy style. There's this sort of dreamy appeal whenever I visit his website ( maybe it's his website color composition), but whatever it is, it makes me wonder how it feels to be his subject.
Below is my Metro Photo's favorite couple shot:

What I liked about Paul Vincent is when he captures sunny and happy moments. I really love seeing people's smiles, because it brightens up my day.
Below is my favorite Paul Vincent couple shot:

I found this P/V supplier when they were just starting in the wedding industry. I like their shots and angles and they were pretty good for starters. I really wanted to book them before, but for some reason (actually it's not my reason), we didn't get them.When I finally decided to inquire and get their services, their rates became high :( 
I just wish I got them when their still affordable.
Below is my favorite Blacktie project couple shot:

The Rockin Duo is the youngest supplier among my top favorites. They are really new but their talent spread like wildfire among soon-to-be married couples. I already booked our 2nd P/V when I found them, I just wish I have found them earlier. Thank God, I was still able to get them as our backup videographer(When Rockin Videographer is still independent and in its starting rate), so at least I have a piece in one of my top favorites. They have P/V packages like Blacktie so if you don't have enough money to hire for a separate videographer, you could check their sample SDE's, and they are really good. I haven't chosen my best couple shot from TheRockingDuo yet, I guess I'll just have to post it next time.

My tip for newly engaged couples? SAVE A LOT OF MONEY and CHOOSE YOUR SUPPLIERS WELL. If you want to have your dream wedding suppliers, you have to save more and book early so that you could still get their old rates.

I just hope that inspite of the negative feedbacks I've read regarding our Photo/Video supplier, they would still deliver well on our wedding day.

My next blog will be about my favorite videographers ( If I get the chance to write again, hopefully).

Want to know what is inside my head right now?I wish I have enough money (my own money) to change our Photo/Video supplier...but I guess I'll just put this off to sleep.Zzzz...-_-