Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Off to Divilandia! Part 1

Last Saturday, February 25, James and I went to Divisoria to scout for our entourage gown maker. We only have a certain budget for it so even though it's far and we're not that familiar with the place, we still went there to try our luck. From Quezon City (SM North Edsa), we took the Munoz jeepney ride going to Roosevelt LRT station. We dropped off Doroteo Jose station and from there, we walked right until we reached Recto Avenue ( look for the traffic stoplight) then ride a jeep going to Divisoria. This is the fastest way going to Divisoria if you're from QC area, particularly in Project 6/7/8, Bago Bantay, and Tandang Sora vicinity.

I researched online for those recommended dressmakers in DIvi and these are the gown makers that we visited.

Ms. Nora Pajunar
Pasilyo Q-9, 2nd flr. Cluster Bldg. 2, Divisoria

Ms. Hazel Garcia
Pasilyo K-16 Ground Floor, Cluster Bldg. 2, Divisoria

CIB gowns by Ms. Glenda Villanueva
Stall H-20, 2nd flr. Cluster Bldg 2., Divisoria

CH Bridal Couture by Cherry Beruela
Ms. Cherry Beruela
Stall Q-29, Cluster Bldg. 2,  Divisoria

DISENYO PANDI  by hanna chienel bridal collection
K-14 cluster bldg 2 ground flr., Divisoria

H- 17 Cluster Bldg. Tutuban Center C.m. Recto manila.

Sophie’s Boutique by Ate Juvy
Pasilyo 0-18, 2nd flr. Cluster Bldg. 2, Divisoria

Some of them are still out of our budget( you really need to have the patience to scout), but these are the ento gown makers that will be added in our final list of choices: Ms. Hazel, Ate Juvy and Ms. Nora. They are the most affordable and reasonable quotation that we got.

The prices of the gowns depend on your preferred design. I printed and showed them the designs I wanted, some of it are very intricate that's why they quoted as higher :D But if you opted just to have a simple design with lesser beads/crystals, no crystals at all or choose from their existing design, it'll be a lot cheaper. The quotations that we got from these ento gown makers ranges from 15k-25k ( a package without the bridal gown and groom's suit).

We will visit again Divisoria this Saturday to look for more ento gown makers. A friend recommended us to visit Ylaya Street where more affordable ento gown makers could be found. We will also visit Tabora Street to look for souvenirs and materials for our D-I-Y projects.

Tips going to Divi:
  • Go early in the morning- we went there after lunch and it's so freakin hot!
  • Bring water and towel.
  • Wear a hat and sun glasses or bring an umbrella .
  • Don't bring wallet (particularly a big wallet), just a small coin purse will do-  you'll never know if the person behind or beside you is a snatcher or pick pocket. Put your money in your jeans pocket or better yet in the secret pockets of your bag.
  • If someone will ask you where you're going in Divi, don't entertain them. Better ask the guards, it's safe to ask authorities around.
  • Wear casual clothing. Don't go there looking like a millionaire, or else, you'll go home crying.
  • Don't go there without researching. 

wait for my Off to Divilandia! Part 2 blog! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Double Whammy!:-)

Last February 18 (Saturday), James and I went to two big events. It is a one heck of a day, very tiring but fun! :)

On that day, I went to Makati to fetch James from work (one lucky guy, ei?). Yes, his work is 6 times a week, but only half day on Saturdays. On my way there it's cloudy but when I was already in Makati, rain poured down heavily and I was soaking wet when I already arrived in his office. When I was already dried up and the sky is clear we decided to go. James forgot to print my shoe design ( I need that because I'm going to present it to the shoemaker supplier at the bridal expo) so he went back to his office, while I was waiting for him at Goldilocks, Buendia ( Gad, I was really starving that time).

After eating, we decided to visit first the Travel Expo at SMX, Mall of Asia (MOA). My original plan was just to have a quick look at the fair, but we ended up roaming around the area for more than an hour :-D We checked accommodations for Boracay ( It's our first option for honeymoon). A lot of travel agencies, hotels, and resorts were offering reasonably priced packages, but sad to say, most of them only have promos for summer and not applicable for December use ( maybe because it is peak season). This expo is a big help to those people who always travel abroad. If you wanted to experience US, ASIA or EURO tour, you should always wait for the travel expo every year. You can get fair priced tickets and international travel packages here.

After roaming (and wasting) for one and a half hour at the Travel Expo, we left empty handed. Tired and exhausted we still went to our next event, The Wedding and Debut Bridal fair at SM Megamall. This bridal fair was big, a lot of wedding suppliers were here. We even got lost, looking for the shoe maker supplier. Finally after several minutes of walking, we finally found Perfect Match.

Perfect Match customizes shoes for any occasion but they specializes bridal shoes. I've been hearing a lot of good feed backs about her from w@w, so I decided to give them a try. My first shoe supplier didn't deliver what I wanted, so I decided to let her go and find a new one. Ms. Mari is the owner of Perfect Match, I haven't met her before but her past brides said she's very nice and easy to deal with. I am lucky to talk to her at the fair,she's really simple, soft spoken, nice and funny. What made me even happier was when Ms. Mari told me that she can deliver my very intricate shoe design!:) My first supplier said she can't do it so I really thought no one can really do it here. After hearing those words, I didn't think twice so we booked her right on the spot!:)

I was excited and overwhelmed with the swatches she showed me and she let me hand picked my desired swatch color, heel, and sole :) I had a hard time picking the right things, but she patiently waited for me to decide. I'm really excited to see my shoes by September :)

After meeting Ms. Mari, James and I looked for the w@w booth at the fair. It took us 2 rounds before we reached the booth ( i told you that fair was huge!) unfortunately, we didn't have any pic but we wrote at the photo wall. Next time, I'll make sure that we have pics and we'll meet w@wies :)

Below is Ms. Mari's shoe portfolio, Once I get my shoes, I'll post it here. For sure you'll never get wrong getting her for your bridal shoes :)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two down! :)

Today, I accomplished two things for our wedding. One, I booked our photobooth online and two, I created a Will You Be card for our ninongs using Adobe Illustrator CS5.

For our Photobooth, I saw this photobooth promo at Cashcashpinoy. It really is a good deal because where can you get a 3 hour photobooth service for just 3500 pesos? The name of the photobooth is Snaps n' Inks. A little down side is they are not that popular and I haven't seen any full reviews about them, so I really just tried my luck hehe. I've seen their promo the other day, but I'm still hesitant to get their service, so I emailed and texted them my questions and I'm quite satisfied with their answers.I thought I was too late, because I knew that their promo ended early but lo and behold, I was surprised to see that the promo is still up. So for the very last time, I called their number and I was able to talk to Ms. Amy and she answered my questions. She sounds nice and I hope that their output and service is also good *cross fingers*

For the Will You be cards, I created a french inspired vintage postcard for our ninongs. I'm thinking of printing and giving it to them personally. I have to finish each DIY one by one coz I hate cramming hehe. Next WYB for ninangs, bridesmaids, maid of honor, bestman, and groomsmen and another Save The date design ;)

I'll post each DIY I made as soon as they are printed ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hotel for wedding preps: Booked!:)

Again, I've been very very busy lately, so I haven't got the time to update this blog. Like they say, " Huli man ang magaling, naihahabol padin" So I'm going to share here today our experience on how we got Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. If you wanted to know our hotel ocular adventures, read my Wedding Preps Venue hunting Part 1 and 2.

Before I start, first, Happy hearts day to everyone ( though we don't celebrate V-Day in our religion hehe) and secondly happy monthsary to my one and only hannie, thanks for the flowers! :-*

Now for my story, last February 3, 2012, me, James and my mom went to Eastwood Richmonde hotel. This time we're not going there just to ocular but to book them. It'll be my mom's first time to see the place so I'm excited to see her reaction if she'll like it or not. By the way, I wanted to thank my current company because I got corporate discounts for this hotel. We have a lot of foreign visitors who stays there so they gave us  privilege rates.

When we finally got into the hotel, my mom was in awe and she really liked the place. She loves the stairs and the big chandelier at the middle of their lobby.The hotel is also connected to Eastwood Mall (Same owner) so it really is very convenient. She said,"You made the right the choice." and I was happy to hear that. We got there early so we waited for Mr. Edward Lim to accommodate us. Mr. Lim is the corporate sales manager of Eastwood Richmonde who handles our company's hotel rates. He's a nice, professional and good looking guy, so watch out all you single ladies out there (my mom asked him if he's still single, and he is).

We're very lucky that day because there are a lot of rooms available for ocular. Mr. Lim assisted us to view the following rooms below:
  • Superior Room (King Bed)
    -I can say this room is already suitable for the groom. It's not that spacious but it can allow several guests in it.
  • Deluxe Room (Twin Bed)
    - This is more spacious than the Superior room.There is more space to accommodate your guests and suppliers.
  • One Bedroom Suite ( Queen bed)
    - This is already suitable for the bride. The bedroom is separated from the mini living room. Just limit the people who are getting in the room or else it'll be crowded.
  • One Bedroom Premiere Suite (Queen bed)
    -I think this is the biggest room that we've seen. just like the one bedroom suite, the bedroom and living room is separated. The bedroom area is bigger than the living room.There is a divider between the living room and dining area that makes the living room look small.
  • One Bedroom Deluxe Suite (Queen bed)
    -This is the second to the biggest room. I like this room more than the one bedroom premiere suite because there is no divider between the dining and living room area that makes the living room look bigger. The bedroom area is smaller than the one bedroom  premiere suite, it's up to you if you like  a bigger living room or bedroom.
After seeing those rooms, James and I decided to get the deluxe room (king bed), one bedroom deluxe suite (queen bed) and the superior room (king bed). I prefer a bigger living room than bedroom because I wanted all my suppliers and guests to be comfortable on the day of the preparation.

I hope my blog helped those brides who are eyeing to get Eastwood Richmonde Hotel as their venue for wedding preps. My tip for couples is to visit your prospect hotels before booking them, so that you could feel what really suits your taste and estimate if it is enough for you and your guests.