Monday, October 15, 2012

October Updates!!!

Wow, I still can't believe that we started planning for our wedding 1 year and 7 months ago, and now it's only 51 days to go before our wedding day! *still in panic mode*

October is our busiest month. We hope that by November we are in * finishing touches* mode with our preparations.We still have a lot of things to do, and so far here are our accomplishments:


A. DONE List:
  1. October 5- Get Marriage License- DONE!
  2. October 6- Last Divisoria trip- DONE!
  3. October 8- Go to MMN District for James' requirements and follow up couple's backdrop to  Ms. Veron- DONE!
  4. October 9- Go to Main Church for the form signatories -DONE!
  5. October 10- Meet our emcee, Ms. Jem Santiago- DONE!- I'm going to have a separate blog for this!
  6. October 12- Wedding Seminar @ Church PART 1- DONE!
  7. October 14- Visit Ninong Benny in Valenzuela- DONE!
 Of course, if there is a DONE list, there's also a TO DO list ( actually a lot of to do list!)

B. TO DO List:
  1.   October 16/17- Book our hotel in Boracay
  2.   October 20- Derma session, 4th wedding gown fitting, 2nd suit fitting
  3.   October 21- Entourage fitting
  4.   October 22- Send invitations to ninang Divina and to Ilo-ilo relatives
  5.   October 23- Buy Blank Acrylic Ref magnets *Optional
  6.   October 27 Final detailing with the caterer and file turnover to our coordinator
  7.   October 28- Meet Ninong Edwin * Tentative Sched

C. DIY TO DO List:
  1.   Invitations- In  progress
  2.   Guestbook- In progress
  3.   Fascinators- In progress
  4.   Table numbers-  In progress (will choose design)
  5.   Boutonnieres- Not Yet Started
  6.   Canvass Portrait- To follow PVP
  7.   Door Knob signages- Not Yet Started
  8.   Pictures for the reception area- Not Yet Started
  9.  Souvenirs for principal sponsors- Not Yet Started * still canvassing
  10.  Souvenirs for Guests- *Optional- if none, There's already a PhotoBooth!
  11.   Just Married Sign- Not Yet Started
  12.   Paris inspired movie table posters- Not Yet Started*Optional
D. Pending Supplier to book:
  1.   Crew Meal Supplier- *still scouting 
And that's how we are going to end our October! Wedding preparation is fun, but tiring. I know after our wedding I'm going to miss all of this. It's stressful but I love every bit of it <3

Now, time to do our November Craze list! :)

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