Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bridal Car: Booked! :)

Before, we really wanted a Chrysler 300c for our bridal car. I even found an inexpensive white Chrysler 300c bridal car for rent last year, but I didn't book it because I wanted James to be here when we do that (I know how much he value cars, most specially on what I'm going to use on our wedding day hehe). Now that James is here, I decided to inquire again on our prospect bridal car supplier, but unfortunately their rates went up because of the new year. It already exceeded our allotted budget so time to find another supplier :(

So my quest for a cheap luxury bridal car rental went on, until I've read a supplier review rating from the wedding forum I am a member of and got interested with the good feed backs and rate the bride posted. I even googled his name and found his ad on I saw the car in the pictures, and it looks good.

The owner of the said white BMW 3 Series 2006 model bridal car for rent is Mr. Jamie Lim. I called his globe land line number the other day, and inquired about his car rental rate. I was shocked to know that for a car like that he charges really low, which is a big help to couples like us, who only has certain budget for it so we immediately set an appointment with him.

James and I met him around 11:30 a.m. at National Bookstore, Quezon Ave.What I really like most in our conversation was, "Ayaw ko ng tulad sa ibang professional bridal car for rent na, lumagpas lang ng ganitong hour or ilang minutes eh magbabayad kana kaagad, kaya ifix nalang natin. I remember sa wedding ko, lumagpas lang kami ng 10 minutes, nagbayad na ako ng 1k!"

Yes, he's a generous, soft-spoken and sophisticated guy.The bridal car was actually his wife's old car that she's not using anymore, so they decided to rent it as a bridal car since it is color white. Well it's not that old either, 5 years is not that old compare to vintage cars right? And when we checked the car's interior and exterior, you'll see that it is well maintained.

Just contact him if you need one, I assure you the car is squeaky clean,classy and most importantly good air conditioning!:) To give you an idea he currently charges 5k for 3-5 hours, not bad :D

Globe mobile duo landline: 2116449
Email add:

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